OTT/IPTV Platform Streaming Media System

Streaming media system could provide a variety method of transcoding process to protect video content and it is able to handle multiple input protocol. System mainly serve for video on demand (VOD) and live broadcast module. VOD is for static resource playback and live broadcast is for real-time channel playback.

  • 1 Support Multiple Input Protocols
  • 2Channel Management System
  • 3Video Transcoding
  • 4Time Shift
  • 5Live Broadcast

What you get in nutshell

No software development or maintenance on your end :

FlexMedia TV maintains your OTT's presence on smartphones,

tablets,desktops and smart TVs.

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End-to-End Managed service

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DevOps,Security & Compliance.

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Seamless Experience:

Your apps are created and maintained by FlexMedia TV across all platforms. You don't need to put any effort into software development. Your viewers will automatically have

☑ Adaptive bitrate with up to 4K stream quality

☑ 24-hour time change, catch-up and replay for live TV

☑ With a clever recommendation system, the personalized VoD library

☑ Reminders, watchlist, favorites list, social features like upvote, downvote, and external sharing

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